The Mental Meandering Of A Quiet Man, In An Age Of Treachery and Hypocrisy


This site serves several fairly independent functions, as outlined below.  One function it will not serve, is to act as a showcase for my programming and website design talents.  Such a website will require servers far more sophisticated than those made available by Stargate.  In addition, I believe constant tinkering would make this site unstable at times, and that would interfere with it's primary functions.  If and when I launch my own showcase website, I will add a link to it on this site.

Personal Bio

Trying to write about yourself really sucks, but I'm going to try anyway.  I know that I sometimes use the Web to search for old friends, and I love it when I run across some snippet of information.  So just in case someone decides to Google me, they can at least get the basic outline, without resorting to one of those awkward emails.

The Virtual Soapbox

This will be the section in which I express my views on a variety of topics, most of which fall into the political arena.  I consider myself quite conservative, but have no doubt:  I'm an equal opportunity offender.  If you need a little something to raise your blood pressure, this section will be just what the doctor ordered.

The Blog

Unlike the virtual soapbox which consists of static essays, this section is intended to be less formal and more topical.

Science Fiction: One Fan's Perspective

I love science fiction.  Always have, probably always will.  That doesn't mean I like everything I see though.  Most TV shows and movies are a mixture of good and bad.  In this part, I'll vent on what was done right, what was done wrong, and in some cases what I'd have done to fix it, were I in a position to do so.  I know writers hate to have anyone second guess them, but then again, I've seen plenty of authors criticize software that they're not qualified to write.

Favorite Links

These are here for my own benefit really.  I uses so many different computers that it seems like the link I need is never on the computer I'm sitting in front of.  This solves the problem quite nicely, provided I remember to keep the page up-to-date.

The Lists

Curious to know the books I'm reading the movies I'm watching, or the music I'm listening to?  It's all here...  Most items include links to Amazon, so you can find out more.

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